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The project on Pluralism: Democratization and Electoral Integrit in Angola and Mozambique (P-DEIAM) is part of a longer research parcours  within a larger research project on “Democratization and Development Processes in Angola and Southern Africa” initiated in 2004.

The larger project aims to stimulate a process of scientific research, reflection and publication on development and democratization in Southern Africa since the political and economic transition processes. It meant to advance scientific knowledge in these areas and to serve as an information basis for policy decision-making in/towards Southern Africa. It also intended to stimulate networking and bridge the research produced in academies and the research, information and knowledge produced within civil society organizations working in Southern Africa, namely the Non-Governmental Organizations, religious organizations from different creeds and faith, unions, civil society associations, community-based organizations, development organizations etc.

Recent Events

The Project completed in March 2020 the application of circa 2000 Questionnaires in all the 11 provinces of Moçambique (comprising 34 municipalities), including war-affected areas in the province of Cabo Delgado. Results to be presented soon.

Next Events
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Conferência Internacional

Pluralismo, Democratização e Eleições em Angola e Moçambique

Lisboa, Quarta-feira 14 de Dezembro de 2022,

Entrada Livre

Iscte – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa,

Auditório B2.03 (Edifício 2, piso 2) - Auditório Ferreira de Almeida

Transmissão em directo canal YouTube CamundaNews

& canal YouTube P-DEIAM

Research Partner
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